Some of the Services and Solutions we offer:

· Free Evaluation of Current Computer/Network System - Whether you have a network system already installed or not, we will come in, talk to you, evaluate your situation, and give you a written assessment.

· Small/Medium Size Business Network Installation
- If you need a network installed, or you need to expand your network because your business is growing, we will come in, assess, plan, and impliment the solution.

· Web/E-mail hosting - If you need a place to house your website and/or need e-mail that reflects "", we do it all, as well as DNS services and domain registration.

· Servers and Workstations - If your business is growing you may need more workstations or servers. We do both. Specialized workstations as well as specialized servers from: file servers, web servers, e-mail servers, file and print servers, firewalls, DNS, WINS and back-up servers.

· Data Recovery and Disaster Planning/Back-Up Solutions
If your data isn't being backed-up you need something in place in case of disaster, or if you have had a situation in the past where data was not backed-up and you lost critical data, now you want something in place so it won't happen again.

· Virus Protection/Eradication - Everyday you hear of new viruses sweeping the country, companies being hit causing major damage to businesses. We can help you avoid this costly situation.

· Computer/Network Maintenance - On-going maintenance of your network, servers and workstations, proactive care to keep you running optimally and glitch free.

· Web Design/Evaluation - If you don't have an Internet Presence, or yours is lacking, we can get your company on the Internet with a site.

· Software Installation/Upgrades - Need a specific application, or solution for your business? Is your software current and up to date? Got all the service packs and security hot fixes installed? We do the research and keep your company up to date and running glitch free.

· Remote Access Solutions - Working late, but you don't want to drive to the office/home? You're sick at home and need to work, but you don't want to drive into the office? Need to check your office e-mail from home or retrieve that data for your presentation due in the morning? We have remote access solutions to help you, wherever you are.

· Network Cabling
- Installing a few new workstations, but don't have a long enough cable? Expanding your site and need more cabling? We do that too.

· No job too Small or too big.


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